4 Basic Ways to Decorate For Fall Using Dollar Store Materials

Hey friends! Since it's basically Friday and it's basically fall, I've traded in the usual motherhood essay for a fall-inspired post on decorating. And here's your warning: Things are about to get really basic up in here. But bare with me, because even non-basic moms like (1) fall and (2) saving hard earned cash.

So today we are branching out here at Not Your Basic Mom. I now present to you (drumroll).......

4 Basic Ways to Decorate For Fall Using Dollar Store Materials.

Yep, I said it- Dollar Store. My dollar store of choice? The Dollar Tree, but you can find many of these items at other similar dollar stores close to you. None of these decorations cost more than fifteen bucks, and none took more than a few minutes to create.

I've never been that person with the patience to spend hours using chalk paint and/or a glue gun. To me, glue guns = scary + mess. But, I don't window shop my decorations either. I consider myself somewhere in between- I'm the 'let's go to Pottery Barn, then see if I can replicate the same look for cheaper' kind of decorator.

So in case you have been thinking about how to make your house look fall-ready on the cheap (because who wants to spend 50 bucks on a porcelain pumpkin that will sit on a table for 2 1/2 months out of the year), here are my cheap & easy tips!

1. Fill up your favorite vase with inexpensive  flowers and trinkets. 


I love pretty fall wreaths, but this year I'm over them. So instead, I'm sprinkling my house with fall arrangements like this one. Take your favorite vase, fill it with Dollar Tree trinkets and flowers, and VOILA! You have a pretty fall arrangement for under ten bucks. The best part? Unlike wreaths, you can stick these babies anywhere! In the middle of your dining room table, on your mantle, in your bedroom...the possibilities are endless.

Note: the arrangement of the faux flowers is key. Put your rounder pieces in the bottom of the vase to hide the stems of the flowers. Place bigger flowers in the middle of the vase, filling in the gaps with larger twigs and vines.

2. Metallic pieces are perfect for fall table settings.

dollar store metallic place setting

I like to change up the settings on my tables pretty often. Because of that, I can't afford to drop major cash on nice china and charger plates every time the season changes.

When you think of your local dollar store, the first type of plate that comes to mind is styrofoam. Right? Well it shouldn't be. Both the gold charger plate and dining plate shown above (as well as everything else in the picture) were Dollar Tree pickups. Surprised? I was too. But I would bet some dollars that no one would know the difference.                                                                                 

3. Mason Jars make the world a little better.

Mason jar- dollar tree

There's nothing more homey than drinking out of a mason jar glass- especially in the fall. Apple cider and fall sangria just taste a little better when you are drinking them out of a mason jar (the sweet tea on a southern porch effect). 

These sweet glasses shown above are - you guessed it - from the Dollar Tree. So is everything else on the plate  (plate included).  So, there's no reason not to have a set of four, or twelve, in your cabinet for fall. Display them  on your bar, kitchen table, or anywhere else. Mason jars are adorable in the fall, and every other time of the year.

4. Stick toddler- friendly knicknacks in a bowl and call it a cornucopia.

cornucopia bowl

This season of my life includes a toddler running around the house like a wild Comanche. I'm sure many of you can relate.  So I would clearly be out of my mind to sit a bowl of nice decorations within her reach.

Instead, I opted for a few of these cute fall knicknacks from the Dollar Tree, stuck them in a bowl, and called it a day. If my toddler knocks over the bowl, no harm is done. And if she wants to hide them under the couch like the rest of her toys, I'm only out a buck (until I find her hiding spot during spring cleaning).

Any way you look at it, this bowl of cheap (but cute) goodies is a win-win.