What is Not Your Basic Mom?

Moms are scary. The demographic that made bermuda shorts, chocolate Slim Fast, and step aerobics famous is the sorority I never wanted to join. And then I had a baby. By default, I became a member of the mom club. I was reluctant in the beginning and then I dove in head first. As I type this very sentence, I am sporting yoga pants, sipping my coffee and wondering whether I should boil another round of macaroni.

My name is Emily, and I'm such a basic mom. In the words of the great Justin Bieb's, I guess "never say never." As it turns out, there is more to motherhood than the typical cliches. There are highs, there are lows, and there are days when you just want to pee in peace. The waters are sometimes murky and hard to navigate, especially alone. 

That's where Not Your Basic Mom comes in.

NYBM is a blog for all those mommas looking for better reading material than How to Make the Perfect Taco Salad. While you might occasionally find recipes and YouTube mom mockumentaries on the blog, our goal is to keep the talk real, and relatable.

I am addressing tough issues with as much heart as possible in under a thousand words. So in a nutshell, this site was created by a basic mom doing a not so basic thing: tackling the difficult issues of mothering. Hopefully one or more of these posts speak to you, and you keep coming back for more. And of course, I welcome any and all feedback about the site.