Angelica, Eliza, & Peggy- The Perfect T


Angelica, Eliza, Peggy

"Can I be real a second? For just a millisecond? Let down my guard and tell the people how I feel a second?" 

It's no secret, especially to anyone that's ridden in my car in the last six months, that I'm obsessed with Hamilton. And not the founding father himself- the broadway play. I can quote more lyrics than I care to admit, and I find myself making strange King George references at the most inopportune times. It's shameful, but I pretty much listen to the soundtrack on repeat.

Awesome, wow. 

  This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links

  This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links

Anywho, in keeping with my celebration of all things Hamilton, I've partnered with my friends at the Mighty Circus to show you this awesome T. Dress it up with a cardigan, dress it down with yoga pants- either way, it works.

Side note: Every single fall, I'm forced to grapple with the t-shirt to legging ratio dilemma. If my t-shirt doesn't cover my booty, I feel a little bit too Kardashian. But if it's too long, I'm sporting an epic mom tunic. This t-shirt is a great fit-  it's long enough to cover my ample derriere, it's comfy, it says Angelica, Eliza, & Peggy. What more could I ask for?

This not-your-basic-mom is basically obsessed. 

So, if you are a mom who loves comfy clothes, or just an obsessed Hamilton fan like me, you can check out the Mighty Circus' Etsy shop right here. They are wonderful to work with, and have tons of other awesome designs to choose from. 


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