Steals, Deals, & Retail Thrills

There was a time in my life when I would frolic around the mall during my spare time. I would peruse through racks of clothing, touching every fabric that caught my eye. And then, I would spend hours in a fitting room, contemplating whether the gold buttons on the sleeves were just too much. 

That was a very long time ago. 

Now my shopping ritual looks something like this: Face down in the phone, clicking desperately to fill my online shopping cart before my size is gone during a flash sale. My toddler is pulling at my feet yelling, "mommy, mommy, mommy," while I struggle to plug up my phone so it doesn't die for the third time in a day. I'm usually balancing a lean cuisine on one side of my lap, with a my flavored water sandwiched tightly between my legs. 

But in all seriousness, online shopping is EVERYTHING to moms. There is no "fun trip to the mall" with small kiddos- only bribes, fits, and hours in the Disney store.

With that being said, there are a few go-to websites that have been lifesavers to me since becoming a mom. 

One of my most exciting adventures as a blogger has been working with awesome brands that I shopped regularly before I became a blogger. Some of the following brands I work with (affiliate links may be included- for more info see disclosure page), & some I just enjoy shopping.  But from mom leggings to toddler sandals, it's important to have an arsenal of go-to shops that you can depend on for quality, convenience, and affordability. 

In that spirit, I've made a list of some of my favorite websites & small shops to share with all of YOU, my readers, in hopes that it will save you time & money. I will update this page weekly with current deals and savings alerts for each shop, so I can make sure to keep you guys up to date with all the latest ways to save.

I hope you find it useful.


Gymboree Sale On Now!

When my daughter was an itty bitty baby, I began shopping at Gymboree. So I guess you could say my love for the store runs deep. To me, Gymboree is the perfect marriage of adorable + affordable, and GYM BUCKS to moms are the equivalent of lollipops to toddlers- they can turn any bad day around. 

THIS WEEK AT GYMBOREE: 40% Off Entire Purchase



Janie & Jack

To me, Janie & Jack is the golden standard for children's clothing. The fabrics are beautiful, and the clothing looks and feels so classy. When it's time for family pictures, vacations, and holidays, I always make sure to hit up Janie & Jack. And don't forget about their amazing sale section!

THIS WEEK AT JANIE & JACK: Check out brand new sale styles here.


Crazy 8

Crazy 8 Sale On Now!

I'm not always a fan of expensive toddler clothing because I'm not a fan of freakouts when my child inevitably spills juice on said expensive toddler clothing. So, Crazy 8 is my go-to for play clothes. The clothing is good quality, but durable, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. This year,  I've stocked up on my toddler's play clothes for spring. They currently have REALLY cute t-shirts for 2.88. $2.88!? I pay more for coffee in any given day. 

THIS WEEK AT CRAZY 8: Extra 40% Off Markdowns




If you are a mom who hasn't heard of Zulily, then I have the pleasure of introducing you to one of life's guiltiest pleasures.

You're welcome.

Zulily showcases tons of stores (many of them boutique brands) and slashes the price on their items. I've bought countless outfits, PJ's, toys, and shoes from Zulily and I'm never disappointed. From smocked brands to our absolute favorite toy shop (Melissa & Doug), Zulily has the best brands on display for cheap. Oh, and they have women's clothes too! You have to catch the stores before they sell out many of the items, but when you make a purchase, you receive free shipping the entire day. Dangerous, I know.

THIS WEEK ON ZULILY: 60% Off Disney Tsum Tsum Collection

Smocked Auctions

If you are a southern mama, or a fan of preppy children's clothing, then you've probably heard of Smocked Auctions. Smocked clothing is normally pretty pricey, and only found in boutiques. But Smocked Auctions offers the same beautiful clothing for half the price. They offer monogramming on almost every item, and even feature a ton of appliquéd pieces for college football and basketball season. They carry many styles for both girls and boys, and I can't count the orders that have rolled onto my doorstep because I can't resist seersucker or gingham patterns on kiddos. 

The trick with Smocked Auctions is to follow them on Instagram and Facebook, and call first dibs on new styles before they run out. 




Little Mae's Boutique

Little Mae's Boutique is a family-owned shoe & accessory store that focuses on comfortable, affordable shoes for toddlers (both girls & boys). One thing that stuck out to me about this shop was the variety of boys shoes this shop has to offer. So for all of you boy-moms who always have trouble finding stores with a wide selection of shoes, check it out.

All of the styles are practical, and can be worn with a variety of outfits for the new walkers out there. Little Mae's also carries adorable teething and dress up necklaces!

CURRENT DEALS AT LITTLE MAE'S BOUTIQUE: Up to $10 savings on select pairs of shoes.



Daily Boutique Deals

So over the holidays, I noticed my family members raving over the newest items on Jane. I casually asked, "What is Jane?" And they looked at me like I was growing another nose. So, I acquainted myself with Jane, and never looked back.

Jane is similar to Zulily, but it's mostly geared toward young adults. I have bought everything from lanterns to pillows to trendy utility vests from Jane, and ended up doing  a ton of Christmas shopping this past year as well. 

If you are in my camp and believe that chokers and platform sandals are probably a short lasting trend, but you still want to seem "with it" when it comes to fashion, head over to Jane. You can snag your trends on the cheap and won't be left feeling disappointed next year when your $50 velvet choker is no longer in style.

THIS WEEK AT JANE.COM: $4.99 V-Neck Tee's

ILY Couture

So here's the thing, I was once really in love with all things fashion. That love still burns dimly in my heart, but I have very little time and motivation to keep up with the latest trends. ILY Couture does that for me. 

ILY keeps their website clean and focused on the few items that are important to have in your closet. And, their cute/comfy clothes selection is SO GOOD. Instead of buying another crewneck sweatshirt with my initials, I am branching out to graphic T's and sweatshirts designed by ILY.  




I don't know if you're like me when it comes to shopping for the home, but when I walk in a store, I completely forget what I'm supposed to be looking for. I wonder around aimlessly and end up buying another patterned throw pillow that I don't need. So, online shopping has become the less stressful, more efficient alternative for me.

I love Wayfair because a large selection of items ship for free, and there's so much variety. Plus, it's fun to scroll through their sale section, which offers items up to 70% off.

THIS WEEK AT WAYFAIR: $15 off a $100 purchase with code: 25D7-0337-87893


Joss & Main

When I think of Joss & Main, all I see is vibrant colors. I love scrolling through their site, even if I'm just looking for ideas for the future. It's literally one beautiful room after another. Joss & Main has a ton of on-trend pieces for your home without the hefty price tag.

Plus, the site offers free shipping on all orders of $49 or more. 

THIS WEEK AT JOSS & MAIN: Up to 75% off select seating



Beauty Box 5

Check out the great deals on favorite items in the Beauty Box 5 Shop

So monthly subscription boxes are all the rage, and I totally get why. It's a fun little surprise when you get a box of goodies with your name on it every month. What I like about Beauty Box 5 is that you can purchase different packages, and shipping is always free.

If you sign up to pay monthly, it's just $12. But if you want to sign up for the year, it's only $99. That's only $8.25 a month- way cheaper than many of the other subscription boxes out there. Plus, Beauty Box 5 introduces you to many brands of makeup and skincare that you may never have been exposed to otherwise. And they offer the full-size products at a discounted prize.

I'm really excited to get my box this month!

THIS MONTH AT BB5: Get free eye shadow with purchase of BB5 subscription.



If any of you know me personally, you know my mom is a crafter. She can create something out of nothing, and that is a trait I sadly didn't inherit. My family has been fans of Cricut for years, because each of their products & machines makes crafting easier for novices like me.

I'm really excited to have recently ordered a Cricut, and I'll be blogging about my progress (with the help of my momma). 

CURRENT DEALS ON CRICUT: Free shipping with code


Tervis Tumblers

Since college, I've been a fan of Tervis Tumblers. I have monogrammed tumblers, sports team tumblers, and even wine glass tumblers. And right now, Tervis has some major deals on their most popular items! Click the link below to see which of their cute styles are on sale.